Fantail Journeys by Mary McElroy


Molly had a burning desire to see the world. But could she leave the safety of home and family and a special boyfriend to live on a college ship for a semester while visiting seventeen countries? At first she didn’t know a single person, even her roommate, but she soon found herself in a tight-knit group of students who traversed three continents together. Through such events as tragedy striking at Easter, a friend disappearing with the flirtatious guide in Morocco, and an angry lady in France trying to destroy Molly’s camera, the group learned to protect each other during hard times. They stuck together using a variety of resources to cope with different cultures and languages. But was Molly’s faith strong enough to endure whatever adventure came with the next port?

Fantail Journeys has exposed a new dream of mine: To go on a 4 month cruise, doing college and touring the world. I would love to grab a friend or two and head off on this extraordinary adventure. I couldn’t imagine a funner way to experience college.
The story in itself was okay. I wasn’t a fan of the whole thing being written in diary form, it just wasn’t what I enjoyed. I though the storyline was fairly easy. Though it felt like a lot of stuff was crammed into the pages, I didn’t really get to experience much. All I got was a simple description. It was also very hard for me to keep up with who was who. By the end I just gave up on figuring it all out.
I also felt like the whole part of Christianity was thrown into the story. It didn’t seem to show Mary grow in her faith like it said she did at the end of the book. If the book is supposed to be considered Christian and about her growing in her relationship with Christ, I would like to see more growth then a short church service once a week.
I also would have liked to get to know Mary better. I don’t know much about her home life, her family, or some things about her, for that matter. She seems sorta underdeveloped. Most of the characters seem that way. I wouldn’t have minded a few extra pages of it meant I got to know Mary and her friends better.
Overall, I thought the book was easy and comfortable to read, but it felt crammed and underdeveloped.



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