God Girl by Hayley DiMarco


Music, sports, entertainment, and politics–from Hollywood to Washington there are prominent women making a mark on the world today. And a media-rich society chronicles their every move for fans to follow. But what does it mean to be a girl who follows God and not just the latest popular public figures? In God Girl, bestselling author and teen mentor Hayley DiMarco will help girls make sense of it all as she points them to who they are, who they are becoming, and who God made them to be.
God Girl will help girls know what it means to be a woman of God in every area of life–with their thoughts, in their actions, and as they make daily choices about friends, fashion, faith, and everything in between. It’s sure to be an instant classic.

Wow. Just wow. I’m at a loss for words on this book, so excuse me if this isn’t my best review.
I could tell from chapter 1 that this book was going to be a good one. But I didn’t know how good it was gonna be.
Throughout the book, Hayley hits on a lot of good topics, but keeps them into 6 chapters. The first chapter kinda highlights everything that is gonna be in the next chapters. The next 5 chapters are about how a God Girl:

-finds true happiness
-knows herself
-knows how to communicate
-knows God

Every chapter offers valuable insight about how to become a God Girl, how a God Girl acts and speaks, how a God Girl would handle certain situations, etc. And it all has Bible verses to back up what is being said.
Upon finishing this book, I already feel a change stirring in me. I may end up reading this book a few more times to absorb everything and put it into practice. Some areas of my life and my thinking are gonna have to change. But if it’s for God, it’s all worth it.
I highly recommend this book. It’s target demographic is ages 13-18, and a lot of the situations in the book focus around teenage life. But I think this book can apply to all women, no matter how old you are. No matter what the age, you should strive to be a God Girl and become the woman God wants you to be, and this book can offer some outstanding advice for you.
I also must add that the designs and the font is adorable! It’s so beautiful on the inside and just makes me want to read it and apply it all the more!
So in the end, this book is changing my life. Now excuse me while I go read it a few more times through.


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