The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

“Wells’ years as a science student undoubtedly inspired a number of his early works, including this strikingly original novel. Set in turn-of-the-century England, the story focuses on Griffin, a scientist who has discovered the means to make himself invisible. His initial, almost comedic, adventures are soon overshadowed by the bizarre streak of terror he unleashes upon the inhabitants of a small village.”

I liked this book way better then a I ever thought I would! I must be honest, I only found interest in this book after watching The Book Thief. Then I was looking through some old books my family has and I came across this! It sparked my interest, so I put it in my TBR pile. Let’s just say it ended up on the top of the pile! I was also traveling, so this book took a lot longer to read then usual. But everytime I would pick it up, I would jump back into the story!

     I loved how the book was written. H.G. Wells did an amazing job with keeping the mystery up through the story. He added more and more detail that kept me guessing! He made the characters decent, but I couldn’t get to know them well because most of them didn’t stay around long.

      In warning for younger readers, there was a very very small amount of profanity (two uses or so). But, when you look at the time period, it seems accurate. Nothing I wouldn’t find in Jane Austen books.

Overall, I love the book and I may have to re-read it sometime, when I’m not traveling and can have more quiet and focus so I can catch details I missed before.


P.S. If you have seen my post about my 2015 reading challenge, then here’s an update. I got to cross “A Book Over 100 Years Old” off! 


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