Do you stop reading a book before you finish it?

Hey lovely people!! Let’s have a little chat. Grab your beverage of choice, find a comfy seat, and let’s chat.

So I am currently reading Love’s Reckoning by Laura Frantz. It’s a historical fiction book. I’m not always a fan of historical books, but my mom bought me these and they looked interesting to read.

Problem is, I really can’t get into them. 

I’ve only read a few chapters, but they just don’t appeal to me at all. The plot is messy and boring, and I keep making myself busy so I have an excuse not to sit down and even attempt reading more of the book.

So here’s my question for you all.

When you can’t get into a book, do you stop reading it?

I, personally, don’t like to. Even if it’s bad, I will usually keep reading it. Only on a few occasions do I remember stopping a book.

 I stopped reading Atlantia by Ally Condie early on because the plot was horrible. I was so confused, and the story kept throwing new curveballs at me before I could settle down from the last one. The sister goes above land? Something about a siren? Whattttt??

I stopped reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard early on because of the language. I try to avoid reading books with language in them. It takes a special book for me to read through the profanity used. 

I stopped reading Aquifer by Jonathan Friesen early on because it was boring and a total rip-off of The Giver. I was sad, though, because I was very excited to read this book. But I had also previously saw the reviews were bad for the book, so I knew what to expect.

So what do you think? Stop a book early or no?

Tell me in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Do you stop reading a book before you finish it?

  1. LisaLeese says:

    I used to always, literally always, force myself to finish a book that i started but recently I have decided that life is too short and my reading list is too long to make myself suffer through books I dont like. I still feel bad but it has made such a good impact on my reading life.


  2. Lucy says:

    I stop if it’s just because the story is poor, but won’t let myself stop if it’s just because it’s not fun. With books like Ulysses I’ve had to do a little research as I was reading, look things up and read the Sparknotes, and I’ve learned and lot and it’s been worth it. But if it’s an average novel picked up at the airport and the protagonist is annoying me, begone! 😉


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