Droplets by Meaghan Rauscher


One night on an annual cruise with her family, Lissie is standing on the deck of her father’s fishing boat when she begins to hear a strange murmur across the surface of the ocean. The voice rises and falls with her own, dancing in and out of her hearing, but before she can get a glimpse of the creature it disappears into the depths of the ocean with a shimmery flash.

The next evening throws her family in the midst of a horrific storm. Lissie is swept overboard and all hope is lost until she comes face to face with a dark-haired merman. She is saved, but the cost is her future. The merman transforms her into a mermaid, with the ability to both sprout fins and walk on land; she now finds herself a captive of the dark merman and flees into the night.

When Lissie ends up on a stranded island and meets its sole inhabitant, the handsome and mysterious Patrick, she begins to realize that meeting the dark merman was not a mere twist of fate.

But if it was destined, why is Patrick’s past entangled with her future?

And just what does Patrick have to do with the dark merman who haunts her nightmares…

Droplets is the first book in a planned trilogy by Meaghan Rauscher.


I won Droplets in a giveaway the author was doing. A friend tagged me in the post on Instagram and I entered for fun because the premise sounded exciting, but I didn’t expect to win. I usually only win the giveaways that I enter randomly and never expect to win.

So I’ve had this book on my shelf since August, I think. I kept telling myself to read it, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I finally got tired of it being unread and picked it up in late October.

The beginning of the book was so great and promising. I loved it and I read it often. But by the middle of the book, I grew tired of it and the plot just seemed to slow. I wasn’t into it anymore and I didn’t feel like reading.

But I forced myself through it because I did not want to mark it as DNF (Did Not Finish). Plus, I really wanted it to get better… and, eventually, it did.

Around chapter 17-18, the story started to pick up as the conflict came. It sparked my attention, again, and I started reading more and more, until I finished the book at midnight yesterday.

Okay, so first on the agenda. Lissie’s family. I honestly loved her family (especially Derek and Sean) and I wish that they were in more of the book. I was hoping they would come in sometime later in the novel, but it didn’t happen. So I’m holding out hope that they are in the sequel! *fingers crossed*

So, the characters. I honestly liked most of the characters. Lissie was a strong protagonist, though she sometimes seemed too… usual. She reminded me of so many other female protagonists that act the same as her. Patrick was a strong character. But, again, he felt usual. (To other people who have read this book… Do you picture him looking and sounding like Chris Hemsworth, too? Or is it just me?) Morven was a very dark and well-written villain. He has a slight resemblance to The Commandment from An Ember in the Ashes (but he wasn’t quite that evil). I just found his dark, twisted, smart mind fascinating. I am looking forward to getting to know more about him.

The plot. I touched on the plot a lot in the beginning, but I wanted to add on. The plot was, for me, at least, sorta predictable. I predicted things that happened and some that didn’t happen (but I’m still thinking may be in the sequel). But I did talk to a friend that is also reading the book and they haven’t predicted things. So maybe I just over-analyzed what could happen. *shrugs*

As for cleaniness… This book has two minor curse words in it, so it’s not bad. The farthest it goes for inappropriateness is Morven talks about touching her. But nothing happens except some passionate kisses.

Overall, I give this book 4 stars. I did enjoy it, mostly, and I plan on getting the sequel sometime.




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