She is not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

The feeling that coincidences give us tells us they mean something… But what? What do they mean?


LAURETH PEAK’S father has taught her to look for recurring events, patterns, and numbers – a skill at which she’s remarkably talented. When he goes missing while researching coincidence for a new book, Laureth and her younger brother fly from London to New York and must unravel a series of cryptic messages to find him. The complication: Laureth is blind. Reliant on her other senses and on her brother to survive, Laureth finds that rescuing her father will take all her skill at spotting the extraordinary, and sometimes dangerous, connections in a world full of darkness.


From acclaimed storyteller Marcus Sedgwick, She Is Not Invisible is a gripping contemporary thriller threaded with unsettling coincidence and a vivid and convincing portrayal of a young woman living without sight.


This book was a major cover buy for me. I saw the cover on Book Outlet while I was browsing through and I fell in love with it. So I soon placed an order including this book.


So I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy and dystopian books with heavy action and plot lines lately, and I really wanted a fun, short, light contemporary, so I could have a break from the heavy stuff. So, I picked this one up since it seemed to meet all my requirements. Boy, was I totally wrong.


I just have to say that this is one of the most confusing books I’ve ever read. I don’t even get the point of this book. I’m trying to grasp the concept of everything that was mentioned, but it’s just so different and random that I’m afraid I can’t get a hold of this books purpose.


I must say, the book was intriguing enough to get me to finish it all the way through, but it was a fairly small book. Plus, it was full of quotes that are perfect for your Instagram photo of the outdoors, when you want to sound artsy and philosophical.


But the book went all over the place and I was constantly confused as to where the author was leading the book and what he was trying to say.


But, again, I must give the author props because writing a book with a blind protagonist must have been tough. It was definitely an eye-opener (no pun intended) for me. I never really imagined what being blind would be like and the difficulties that come with it.


With all the confusion and drama that happened, you’d think, in the end, it would all tie together and have a big, mind-blowing ending, right?




The ending was short and abrupt, with no real meaning. It didn’t answer all my questions and it was bland. I was expecting more from this book. I was expecting answers and finality. But I guess my questions will forever be unanswered.


As for cleanliness, this book did have some swearing, especially towards the end of it. It had few uses until the end, which it then came with a couple uses per chapter. It had no inappropriate scenes. A few men in a bar made some rude comments, but nothing graphic.




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