The Scorch Trials MOVIE REVIEW!

I know I am SUPER late on reviewing this. But I didn’t watch the movie until Friday, finally.

I was planning on seeing the movie in theaters, but then I read some reviews online that said the movie was close to being rated R and that it was way more intense then the first one, so I decided to wait until DVD, just in case the review was right.

Oh it was right.

I don’t regret waiting for DVD one bit. The movie was intense from the beginning. In one scene, I honestly couldn’t watch because of the freaky cranks, so I just looked down at my phone. Some parts felt like a horror movie. It was scary and intense and not child-friendly.

And what do a lot of people in movies do in intense scenes? They cuss. And, boy, was this movie filled with profanity. Me and my friend (whom I was watching the movie with) counted as many uses of certain words we could hear, and it was a lot. The ‘S’ word was used around 15 times (from what we heard, since it was mostly under-the-breath)  and the ‘B’ word was openly used at least 2 times. That’s not counting mixed uses of the ‘H’ and ‘D’ words that we didn’t bother counting. The middle finger was also used in one scene, and it was plainly shown. They didn’t try to hide it.

It is also not like the book at all. I feel like its very loosely based on the book. A few key moments are accurate, but the inaccurate scenes are much more prominent.

In the end, forgetting all those nasty scenes and the profanity, the movie was good and enjoyable. It was entertaining and I enjoyed it. But the profanity alone watered it down and made it fake and less enjoyable. The movie is the matures movie I’ve scene and its not for kids or even some young teens.



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