Interview with Emilyann Girdner PART 2!!

(Check out Part 1 here)

Me: Do you have a favorite line from your books?

Emilyann: “Well, it just really sticks in my head so I guess I’ll go with this one and it’s actually from the new one, The Haunted Realm. It’s ‘If I dare to love, I dare love to break me’.”

Me: What character from your books is most like you?

Emilyann: “That’s hard to say. They’re all kind-of splits from different kinds of me and people I know. I guess, the main character… When I was in high school I went through a lot of hard times and hard things and I was thinking how isolated I made myself. So that definitely contributed to this character. I think I like to think I’ve come past that quite a bit, but I do think it’s a fault of mine. That definitely is a core attribute of Araina, who’s the main character in The Labyrinth Wall.”

Me: Did you try to base her off of you or just when your writing it kinda happened?

Emilyann: “No, that definitely was kinda organic. And there’s so many different ways that she’s totally different, which is fine because I get to  live through that, like with things I would never do but Araina would do. So there’s a kind of ‘Oh, that’s what that would be like!’ I guess.”

Me: What can readers expect from your series?

Emilyann: “They would be getting into a epic fantasy world, so think The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, but it would be done in a Hunger Games, dark, fast style. So that’s really what they’re getting into if they jump into it. I love both those two things and I tried to bring them together.”

Me: No fighting to death in an area?

Emilyann: “No, not that side of it, but it is pretty dark.”

Me: Who is  your favorite Hunger Games character?

Emilyann: “Oh, favorite wow. Um, probably Rue. She’s sweet. And there’s a character in my book who I feel like, to me, kind of mimics her essence a little bit.”

Me: What Disney character are you most like? If you’re a Disney fan.

Emilyann: “I’m a HUGE Disney fan and I love Belle. I think all of us readers, creatives identify with Belle, yes, exactly. I love her and her adventurous spirit going out into the fields with the flowers an the reading and just everything.”

Me: Early bird or night owl?

Emilyann: “Night owl, by nature. I’m up late, that’s the insomnia thing. Ideas just come to me when I’m not ready.”

Me: If you were stranded on a desert island with 3 books, what 3 books would you take with you?

Emilyann: “Okay, so that’s really tough, because there would be 4. So, can I cheat and just pretend it would work out that way? So, for me, I am very Spiritual, so I would take my Bible. That would definitely be number 1. Uh, I love The Hobbit, so definitely The Hobbit. And then, The Fairy Guardian, you should look into it, cause it’s a really good series and it’s about fairies so you’ll love it. And then, definitely, one of my favorite books that definitely inspired me to get into writing is The Elf Queen of Shannara by Terry Brooks. It is fantastic and you have to look it up.”

Me: Books you want to read in 2016?

Emilyann: “I’m working on the Harry Potter series so that’s not coming out, but I’ll continue going through that and I’m actually reading another series, which is part of the Elf Queen of Shannara books.”

Me: Favorite genre?

Emilyann: “Fantasy and dystopian.”

Don’t forget to look up Emilyann and her books The Labyrinth Wall and The Haunted Realm! Make sure you look those up and buy them, cause of course you should buy them! Thanks for reading and check out Emilyann on social media below!
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