Thin Ice by Irene Hannon

After losing her parents in a car accident and her sister to a house fire, Christy Reed has been mired in grief. Life is finally starting to feel normal again when an envelope arrives in the mail–addressed in her sister’s handwriting. And the note inside claims she is still alive.

FBI Special Agent Lance McGregor, a former Delta Force operator, is assigned to reopen the case, but he’s coming up with more questions than answers. If Ginny Reed is still alive–who is the woman buried in her grave? Where is Ginny? And is Christy a pawn in a twisted cat-and-mouse game–or the target of a sinister plot? As he digs deeper, one thing becomes clear: whoever is behind the bizarre ruse has a deadly agenda.

Bestselling author and two-time Christy Award finalist Irene Hannon warms readers’ hearts as they root for a romance between Lance and Christy, but she pulls out all the stops as this high-stakes thriller chills to the bone in a race to the finish.

I received this book by Revell Publishing in return for an honest review.

I am such a fan of mysteries. I’ve recently found a love for reading mysteries and thrillers. So I jumped at the chance to read and review this awesome-sounding mystery.

Let me start off by saying that I had no idea this was the second book in a series. I had no idea (and this isn’t the first time this has happened…). But, you honestly don’t HAVE to read the first book to understand this one. I’m sure I would have understood the parts with his brother in it better (since the first book is about this protagonist’s older brother), but it wasn’t necessary. (I also learned afterwards that there is a book in another series about the same guy in this book… this is like a huge puzzle)

Okay, so this is technically an adult book. I have read a very limited amount of modern adult books (all from this publishing company, actually), so I’m sure my review will sound different than all the adults out there who are also reviewing this book.

So, I wasn’t the BIGGEST fan of this book. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t… amazing. I wasn’t a huge fan of the writing, mainly. Again, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t something I loved. The plot was okay, overall, but I’m not planning on re-reading it, and I don’t even know if I’m going to read the rest of the series. I feel like this book would be more appealing to adults, but to the YA lover in me, I didn’t get attached.

The romance was cheesy and bland. I don’t understand how adults can bash YA and say it’s kids stuff, and then read this. The writing and romance wasn’t profound or deep or new or even great., and I’ve found way better stuff in YA books.

The plot was lacking character and interest. It had a good storyline to it, but then it fell flat and didn’t wow me. The mystery wasn’t mysterious. The characters were boring. The antagonist was scary (seriously, he was twisted), but it didn’t surprise me or excite me. If this book wasn’t for review purposes, I probably would have given up halfway through.

This book is Christian and totally clean, though.

In the end, its an okay but basic adult ‘mystery’ that left me bored.



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