Three Wishes by Lisa T. Bergren

I received a beta-copy to read and review. This does not affect my review in any way.


Zara Ruiz is a normal California girl on the verge of graduating high school and thinking about her dawning future. But when dusk brings a shattering loss—and she discovers a priceless object in the shallows of a tide pool—she is thrust a hundred-and-eighty years into the past. There she meets handsome ranchero Javier de la Ventura—who has big dreams and bigger secrets—along with his enchanting family, in a land that is at once familiar, and yet utterly foreign.

Between cattle rustlers, pirates and a growing call for statehood, it is not a peaceful time to be a Mexican settler in young Alta California. But it is in that time and place that Zara must decide if she can find what she longs for most in the past, or if her heart’s THREE WISHES can only be resolved in the present.

This is it, River Tribe. We’ve been waiting for this book since the second it was announced, and it’s finally here.

I was so happy to have received an e-copy to beta read last month. When I read it, I knew you were all going to love it. Plus, I’ve heard the ending I originally read was cut, because it was too big of a cliffhanger. So count yourselves lucky that you didn’t have the giant cliffhanger to end with like I did!

So onto my review.

I was so very worried to start Three Wishes. I am such a mega-fan of the original series, and I had such high expectations for this book that I was scared Three Wishes would fall short. But, I’d have to say it didn’t.

Zara is such a head-strong, determined protagonist. She faces every situation with an admirable spirit, and she’s a great role-model.

Javier is a pretty great guy. There are a few stereotypical qualities about him, but I couldn’t help but like him in the end. I don’t love him yet, but I might love him in the next book. I think he has some good in him, it’s just hidden under some angst.

Zara and Javier remind me a lot of Gabriella and Marcello from the original River of Time books. Fans of them from the originals should love Zara and Javier’s relationship.

I loved Lisa’s writing, like always. This book was so beautifully written. It has many quotable lines and the story is artistically created.

This book isn’t perfect, though. I do feel there was just… something missing. I’m not sure what, and I’m hoping whatever it is, it’s in the second book. But this is still such an enjoyable book, I can’t help but give it 5 stars. It’s not better than the originals, though, in my opinion.

Have you read Three Wishes yet? Do you plan on it? Let me know in the comments below!




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