Seven of Seven by Scott Ralph

seven of seven

A boy wakes up on the shores of an unknown river, his face bruised, his body starving, and his memory gone. He doesn’t know his own reflection in the water. His hands, however, have been marked with an indelible symbol that he immediately recognizes. This clue starts the boy on a quest across oceans and continents in search of the symbol’s meaning. Unraveling the mystery of his marks may be the one thing that will lead him to his own origins. The journey to discover the answer is a daunting one, and the boy finds himself and his companions battling tribal warlords, slave traders and The British East India Company in this adventure set in the world of the 18th century.

Wow, I loved this way more than I was expecting. I mean, I didn’t know what to expect, because I forgot what it was about when I started reading it. But I did really enjoy this unique story. I thought it was a sci-fi novella, and I didn’t expect the history aspect.

This book is the first in a series of nine novellas, but I’m sad cause the the rest of the novellas were never published. But I’m actually friends with the author IRL, so I’ll have to ask him if he plans on continuing the series! But I really hope he does. I feel like, as a full book, this would be especially great for middle-grade readers!

I really enjoyed the writing in this book. It was clean and fresh and kept you interested throughout the whole story.

There were a few parts I didn’t like, but they all revolve around this being a novella. I didn’t connect with any of the characters, because the book was too short. But I didn’t hate the characters, either. And I found the plot was a little messy, but if it were a longer story, I felt like I would understand more. If the rest of the novellas were published and I had read them, then I think I wouldn’t have these problems. Overall, I think this story would be even better as a full-length novel, and I hope the author turns it into one someday.

This book is totally clean for any age, but I feel like middle-grade readers would enjoy it most!

Check out this book on Gooodreads HERE!



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