Love Triangle SMACKDOWN

Love triangles. These dreaded plot-forwarders are everywhere. Popularized from famous love triangles such as Katniss, Peeta, and Gale, or even Bella, Edward, and Jacob, love triangles have become very hard to avoid in the book world, and sometimes even in the movie and TV world. Some people love them, most people dread them, but everybody always has their favorite person in the triangle. So today, we’re gonna play a new thing called LOVE TRIANGLE SMACKDOWN.

Here’s how its gonna work. Each Smackdown will focus on one love triangle. I’m gonna say my thoughts on who I think is the better couple in the triangle, and then I want you to weigh in on who you think is better! Got it? Okay, let’s get started!





The Crown’s Game

While this book just came out last month, I’ve seen many people already taking sides on who is better for Vika. I, myself, have gone back and forth of which guy I think Vika belongs with. Plus I have my own thoughts of who I think she’s gonna end up with. But, in the end, only one guy is perfect for Vika, and that guy is…


Don’t get me wrong, I love Nikolai. But as I look back at the book and my thoughts while reading it, I’m just not finding any natural attraction between Nikolai and Vika. They both just kinda got together cause they’re both enchanters. Other than that, I really didn’t find much of an attraction between them until the end. But with Pasha, I felt like they would suit each other well from the beginning. Their opposite personalities would even each other out. Plus, I felt Nikolai was too brooding and ‘cool guy’ for Vika. Vika needs a guy to make her laugh, to eat bakery treats with, and to love her unconditionally. Pasha will do that and more.

But, I feel like, in the end, Vika’s gonna end up with Nikolai. I feel like that’s the direction Evelyn is taking the story. I don’t think I’ll be disappointed about it, but I would love to see Vika grow closer with Pasha and to test out if they’d be good together.

Does anyone else think Nikolai and Pasha remind them of Alexei and Noah from All Fall Down? I mean, come on, brooding Russians?! Nikolai and Alexei could be brothers! Anyone? No, just me? Okay…

So know I want to know your thoughts. I want to know who you like better. So either:

a) comment below with who you think she should be with and who you think she’s gonna end up with!

b) go here to vote in the ultimate poll of who Vika should end up with! (poll closes in 7 days)

I hope you enjoyed the first ever LOVE TRIANGLE SMACKDOWN! If you did, let me know so I know to do things like this again:)





6 thoughts on “Love Triangle SMACKDOWN

  1. Abby | says:

    I have actually quite a number of love triangles in mind but thank you for recommending and talking about this book! I was looking for books to read (since school’s out) and I’ll definitely pick this one out when I go to the bookstore! Great job!



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