Update on Me

I know, I know.

I keep saying that I’m gonna come back to regularly posting, and then I fail at it. But my life has been so busy, and I’m going through a lot. Plus, I’m in a major-book slump. It’s not just a regular reading-slump like I get every summer. This one doesn’t just have me not wanting to read, but I also can’t pull myself to keep up with my Instagram and blog and review requests. I keep accumulating books, and I’ve even got some really impressive ARC’s. My insta and blog were just starting to take off, I was starting to get noticed, and I was loving it. Then this massive slump came and I’m still trying to pull myself out of it.

The more I’ve been thinking about these accounts and their futures, the sadder I’ve gotten. I really don’t want to give up on these accounts. I’ve put so much work and love into them, and I love this community. But I also don’t want to keep pressuring myself into posting and reading when I’m not in the mood. So I’ve been very confused on what I should do.

I think I’ve made a decision of what I want to do.

I’m gonna do a little of both options, actually. I’m going to try to work my way back into reading and blogging, especially because I have made commitments to review certain things already. But I’m still going to be giving my Instagram a break, and I’m not going to force myself to blog too much. I want to keep my mind open to the possibility that I might not be meant to blog much longer. But I also want to be open to the possibility of returning to blogging full-time again. So over these next few weeks, my posts will be kinda random and spontaneous. So please bear with me as I figure out what I’ll be doing. Thank you all for your patience and kindness with me! I’ll (hopefully)  have a new post up soon about my review of Yureka Book Box Service!!



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